Mardi Gras Baby Stuffed Push Pop - Randomly Scented

Mardi Gras Baby Stuffed Push Pop - Randomly Scented

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It's Carnival season! Snag this Mardi Gras Baby stuffed push pop bath bomb! 

The bath bombs are about 5-6 oz. in weight.

Push it up and drop it in the tub and let it do it's thing. You'll immediately be surrounded with the fizz, bubbles, & aroma it puts off, and the water will leave your skin silky smooth.
& Don't forget to keep an eye out for the surprise inside!!

Each bath bomb will come individually packaged and labeled. Perfect for gifts!

None of our products are tested on animals and are all 100% handmade.

Ingredients in each bath bomb include: baking soda, citric acid, SLSA, colorant, sweet almond oil, polysorbate 80 (helps disperse the colorant into the water so it doesn't stain the tub), & fragrance oil.

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